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Gene Regulation Workshop(former SKMB meeting)

University of Lausanne, Amphipôle C
Lausanne, Switzerland

Regulation from DNA to Protein

The Gene Regulation Workshop is a one day meeting in Lausanne featuring internationally recognized scientists that work on molecular mechanisms controlling transcriptional and post-transcriptional responses in gene expression to cell-type specific, developmental or environmental cues.

The workshop will be organized in a hybrid format, with in person attendance and the possibility to follow the talks online (link upon registration).

Register here (deadline 30.08.2021)

2021 Speakers

9:30-10:00Café, croissants
10:00-10:50 Nadine Vastenhouw University of Lausanne, Switzerland The spark of life. Initiating transcription in embryos.
10:50-11:40 Alexander Stark IMP Vienna, Austria Decoding transcriptional regulation in Drosophila.
11:40-12:30 Daniel Panne University of Leicester, UK Structural insights into genome folding by Cohesin and CTCF
12:30-14:30Lunch break
14:30-15:20 Stefanie Jonas ETH Zurich, Switzerland Deciphering structure and function of the Integrator complex
15:20-16:10 Olivia Rissland University of Colorado, USA Regulation of gene expression by codon optimality
16:10-17:00 Jeff Chao FMI Basel, Switzerland Imaging the life and death of mRNAs in single cells



  • Corinne Dentan



University of Lausanne, Amphipôle C
Lausanne, Switzerland

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