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Nouria Hernandez
François Karch
Walter Reith
Michel Strubin
Center for Integrative Genomics
Le GĂ©nopode - Auditoire C
10h00 Welcome coffee
10h30 Mark Ptashne (New York)
  Regulation of Transcription and Other Processes as Well
11h15 Mitzi Kuroda (Boston)
  Targeting the X Chromosome for Dosage Compensation in Drosophila
12h00 Wolf Reik (Cambridge, UK)
  Imprinting and Epigenetic Reprogramming in Mammalian Development
12h45 Lunch
14h30 Denise Barlow (Vienna)
  Gene Silencing in Imprinted Gene Clusters by Macro non-Coding RNAs
15h15 Carol Prives (New York)
  How the p53 Tumor Suppressor Protein Selects its Target Promoters to Effect Different Cellular Outcomes
16h00 Coffee break
16h30 Rick Young (Cambridge, USA)
  Regulatory Circuitry of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
17h15 Claude Desplan (New York)
  Processing of Color Information in the Fly Optic Lobes
18h00 Apero
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