François Karch
Walter Reith
Michel Strubin
Didier Trono
Epalinges s/Lausanne
10h00 Welcome coffee

10h30 Peter Cook (Oxford)
  Transcription Factories and the Regulation of Gene Expression
11h15 Susan Gasser (Geneva)
  Transcription Related Chromatin Dynamics as Viewed through the Microscope
12h00 Peter Fraser (Cambridge)
  Long-range, Higher-order Chromatin Interactions are Controlled by Local Chromatin Structure

12h45 Lunch

14h30 Iannis Talianidis (Herakleion)
  Dynamics of Preinitiation Complex Assembly on Differentiation-induced Gene Regulatory Regions
15h15 Jerzy Paszkowski (Geneva)
  Genetic Dissection of Epigenetic Gene Regulation in Arabidopsis

16h00 Coffee break

16h30 Peter Verrijzer (Leiden)
  Chromatin Regulation of Development and Cell Proliferation
17h15 Dan Littman (New York)
  Epigenetic Regulation in Development: Lessons from the Thymus

18h00 Apero

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