Transcription Regulation and Medicine

September 25, 2001
Epalinges s/Lausanne
Program: Organizers:
10h00 Welcome coffee François Karch

Walter Reith
10h30 Jean-Marc Egly (Strasbourg) Michel Strubin
Mutations in Transcription/DNA repair factors result in various phenotypes observed within XP patients
11h15 Anne Dejean (Paris)
SUMO: a covalent link between the PML Nuclear Bodies and the Chromatin Compartment
12h00 Moshe Yaniv (Paris)
The HNF1 homeoproteins in development and disease

12h45 Lunch

14h15 Hans Clevers (Utrecht)
Tcf's and Wnt signaling
15h00 Daniel Kolakofsky (Geneva)
Sendai virus killers and teddy-bears
15h45 Patrick Baeuerle (Munich)
Gene expression analysis of minute clinical samples: the example of restenosis

16h30 Coffee break

17h00 Ulrich Laemmli (Geneva)
Specific gain and loss of function phenotypes induced by satellite-specific DNA-binding drugs fed to Drosophila melanogaster

17h45 Apero

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