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Nouria Hernandez
François Karch
Walter Reith
Michel Strubin
Center for Integrative Genomics
Auditoire C
10h00 Welcome coffee
10h30 Timothy Richmond (Zurich)
  The Structural Organization of Chromatin
11h15 Shiv Grewal (Bethesda)
  Heterochromatin: a Versatile Platform of the Genome
12h00 Bruno Amati (Milan)
  Myc, Chromatin and Cancer
12h45 Lunch
14h30 Steven Hahn (Seattle)
  Mechanisms of RNA Polymerase II Transcription Initiation and Activation
15h15 James Manley (New York)
  Integration of Transcription and mRNA Processing
16h00 Coffee break
16h30 Anne Ephrussi (Heidelberg)
  Coupling of mRNA Localization with Translational Control in Development
17h15 Witold Filipowicz (Basel)
  MicroRNA and RNAi Machineries in Mammalian Cells
18h00 Apero
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