Otto Hagenbüchle
François Karch
Walter Reith
Michel Strubin
Epalinges s/Lausanne
10h00 Welcome coffee

10h30 Stephen Burley (San Diego)
  Structural Biology of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
11h15 Peter Becker (Munich)
  Regulation of ISWI-Dependent Nucleosome Remodeling
12h00 Genevieve Almouzni (Paris)
  Chromatin Assembly and Stability from the Nucleosome to Higher Order Structure

12h45 Lunch

14h15 Markus Affolter (Basel)
  Nuclear Interpretation of Dpp Signaling in Drosophila
15h00 Dimitrios Thanos (New York)
  Decoding the Transcriptional Code for a Human Gene
15h45 Erwin Wagner (Vienna)
  Revisiting Functions of AP-1 (Fos/Jun) in Mice

16h30 Coffee break

17h00 Richard Treisman (London)
  SRF: Linking the Cytoskeleton to Transcription
17h45 Inder Verma (La Jolla)
  NFkB : Tale of two kinases

18h30 Apero

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