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Nouria Hernandez
François Karch
Michel Strubin
Françoise Stutz
Center for Integrative Genomics
Le Génopode - Auditoire C
  Please note that this program may be subject to changes
10h00 Welcome coffee
10h30 Yves BARRAL (ETH Zurich)
  Mechanisms of DNA Circle Retention in the Aging Yeast Mother Cell
11h15 Torben Heick JENSEN (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  Production and Destruction of RNA in Human Nuclei
12h00 Olivier VOINNET (ETH Zurich)
  "Caught in the Act" - The Awakening and Demise of a Plant Retrotransposon: When, Where, How?
12h45 Lunch
14h30 François SPITZ (EMBL, Heidelberg)
  The Regulatory Architecture of Mammalian Genomes
15h15 Tom MISTELI (NIH, Bethesda)
  Epigenetics Beyond Transcription
16h00 Coffee break
16h30 Sarah BRAY (University of Cambridge, UK)
  Decoding the Notch Response
17h15 Laurie A BOYER (MIT, Cambridge, MA)
  Dynamic and Coordinate Regulation of Gene Expression Patterns during Lineage Commitment
18h00 Apero
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